Easy General Knowledge Quiz 4

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1. Which vegetable is an emblem of Wales?

2. In which English county is the holiday resort of Skegness?

3. What would you be drinking if you ordered a ?Lapsang Su Shung??

4. Sienna is a shade of what colour?

5. Which South African word means ?Separate Developement??

6. In which country was Pravda a newspaper?

7. In Rugby Union what colour jerseys are worn by the Welsh team?

8. Which sport is played by the Washington Redskins?

9. What is the square of 12?

10. What was the 2nd James Bond film to be made?

11. Whose wedding on her 30th birthday to her long time boyfriend Paul was postponed in 1991?

12. Kenneth Tynan was the first person to do what on TV?

13. What was the name of Britains first spacewoman?

14. Which Yorkshire town has licorice sweets named after it?

15. What is the postcode for Bristol, UK?

16. What do Coburg, Vienna, Cottage and Bloomer have in common?

17. What is the name of the system of healing based on manipulation of bones?

18. What do we call the place the Germans call Scwarzwald?

19. What type of fastener was invented by Judson in 1891?

20. Whose mother was Mrs Frances Shand-Kydd?

21. In biology, approximately how many bones are there in the average adult human body - 200 or 400?

22. Which word refers to a person who idles their time away and a moccasin-shaped leather shoe?

23. In which European country was the actor Antonio Banderas born?

24. In film, Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' was made in which decade?

25. The voices of Minnie Driver, George Clooney and Eric Idle feature in the 1999 film version of which TV cartoon?

26. When cream is churned to produce butter what type of milk is left over?

27. The 1985 film 'The Colour Purple' was based on a novel by which author?

28. Which style of shoe heel is a known as 'Little Dagger' in Italian?

29. In 1995, which US actress starred in the romantic comedy 'While You Were Sleeping'?

30. According to the proverb, what have to be broken in order to make an omelette?


1. The leek

2. Lincolnshire

3. Tea

4. Brown with a bit of red

5. Apartheid

6. Russia

7. Red

8. American Football

9. 144

10. From Russia with love

11. Sindy

12. that four letter word. (13 Nov 1965 on the late night BBC3)

13. Helen Sharman

14. Pontefract

15. BS

16. They are all loaves

17. Osteopathy

18. Black Forest

19. The Zip

20. Princess Diana

21. 200

22. Loafer

23. Spain

24. 1950s

25. South Park

26. Buttermilk

27. Alice Walker

28. Stiletto

29. Sandra Bullock

30. Eggs


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