Pauls Quiz 4

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1. In the 1930s, what was the PHALANGE?

2. What are or were the nicknames of the following? 
    a. Vlad Dracula 
    b. John Merrick 
    c. John Lydon 
    d. Eddison Arantes Do Nascimento

3. "You feel like Steve McQueen" are the first words to which song ?

4. Since 1948 which company has sold the most cars ?- clue: 8 letters, second letter A (as in Alphabet)

5. What was the name of the first ship that arrived to pick up the titanic survivors?

6. Since the late 1980s what is the newest Smartie colour ?

7. Roses, Cola, Football, Cod are all examples of what ?

8. What does the unit called OLF measure?

9. Where can one see the car with the license plate LMW28IF ?

10. The following are harbour cities in which countries? 
    a. Mumbai 
    b. InChon  


1 Fascist movement in Spain,(later the name of a political party in Lebanon) The Kataeb Social Democratic Party: (Kataeb is the plural of Katiba which means Brigade in Arabic), better known in English as the Phalange, is a Lebanese political party. Although officially secular it is mainly supported by the Maronite Christians. The party played a major role in the Lebanese war. In decline in the late 1980s and 1990s, the party slowly re-emerged since the early 2000s. It is now part of the parliamentary majority, the March 14 Alliance, opposed to the alliance led by Hezbollah and Free Patriotic Movement.

2: Four Answers: 
    a. the impaler, 
    b. the elephant man, 
    c. Jonny Rotten, 
    d. Pele

3. Moviestar - Harpo

4. Matchbox The Matchbox name started in 1953 as a brand name of the now-defunct British toy company Lesney Products (named after its co-founders Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith), which had been founded in 1947 as an industrial die casting company. Almost immediately after assuming production, the company began producing toys. A 1948 model of a road roller, based on a Dinky toy, was their first foray into the transportation theme. Their first major sales success followed in 1953, with the million-selling model of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Coach.

5. Carpathia RMS Carpathia was a Cunard Line ocean liner built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson. Carpathia began its maiden voyage in 1903 and became famous for rescuing the survivors of RMS Titanic after it sank on 15 April 1912.

6. Blue Smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of about 5 mm and a major axis of about 15 mm. They come in eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, mauve (or purple), pink, brown and white in the UK. In the original range of colours, there was a light-brown Smartie. This was replaced in 1988 with the blue Smartie. Before 1958, the dark-brown Smarties had a plain-chocolate centre, while the light-brown one tasted of coffee. The orange Smarties contained, and still contain, orange-flavoured chocolate. In 2006 it was announced that Nestle were removing all artificial colours from Smarties in the UK, owing to concerns over chemical dyes producing hyperactivity in children. In answer to this controversy, Nestle decided to replace all chemical dyes with natural ones. As they were unable to source a natural blue dye, blue Smarties were replaced with white. As of 2007, Nestle Smarties in the UK contain blue Smarties again.

7. War

8. Smell One OLF is defined as the odor intensity produced by one 'standard' person (a standard person is also defined). The name comes from the Latin olfacere, to smell.

9. On the cover of Abbey Road - The Beatles

10. Two Answers: 
    a. India (was formerly called Bombay), 
    b. South Korea


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