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1. How many kilometers does a world-class footballer (Germany excluded) run or walk during a game, is it:
    a: 4km,    
    b: 8km,   
    c: 14km  
    d: 20km ?

2. In which book and film would you find the character Kunta Kinte?

3. Who were not allowed to play for the Brazilian national football team until 1921?

4. Bondye is the highest God in which religion?

5. On which floor does "you" live in the song "Luka"?

6. 80% of all footballs in the world are made in which Asian country?

7. Which three African countires are monarchies?

8. Who was Lisa Gherardini?

9. President Francois Mitterand's last supper was illegal. What did he eat?

10. Since 1960, which six oscar winning films have a real historical figures' name in the movie title?


1. c: 14km

2. RootsKunta Kinte (or Kunta Kunte) is the central character of the best of the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley, and of the television mini-series Roots, based on the book. Roots is now accepted as being a mixture of both fact and fiction, and much of the book's material is allegedly borrowed from a book called The African by Harold Courlander. Kunta Kinte was a Mandinka. Kunta was captured and imported to Annapolis, Maryland, and later sold to a plantation owner in Spotsylvania County, Virginia near the present-day rural community of Partlow.

3. Black players

4. VoodooBondeye is the one and only God. Basically the same God the father as in Christianity

5. First - "My Name is Luka, I live on the second floor, I live upstairs from you" - (Suzanne Vega)

6. Pakistan

7. 3 Answers:        

8. Model for the Mona Lisa Vasari identified the subject to be the wife of socially prominent Francesco del Giocondo, who was a silk merchant of Florence. Until recently, little was known about his third wife, Lisa Gherardini, except that she was born in 1479, raised in Tuscany and that she married del Giocondo in 1495. In 2004, Giuseppe Pallanti published Monna Lisa, Mulier Ingenua (literally '"Mona Lisa: Real Woman", published in English under the title Mona Lisa Revealed: The True Identity of Leonardo's Model). The book gathered evidence in support of the traditional identification of the model as Lisa Gherardini. According to Pallanti, evidence suggests that Leonardo's father was a friend of del Giocondo. "The portrait of Mona Lisa, done when Lisa Gherardini was aged about 24, was probably commissioned by Leonardo's father himself for his friends as he is known to have done on at least one other occasion." Pallanti discovered that Lisa and Francesco had five children and that she outlived her husband.

9. Small birds - Ortolan Bunting Ortolans used to be netted in great numbers, kept alive in an artificially lighted, or darkened room to disrupt their feeding schedule, and fed with oats and millet. In a very short time they became enormously fat and were then killed for the table. One way French diners ate ortolans was to cover their heads and face with a large napkin for the gourmand's aesthetic desire to absorb the maximum odour with the flavor. This famous use of the towel was launched by a priest, a friend of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

10  6 answers         
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Schindlers List 
    Shakespeare in Love                                              


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