Pauls Quiz 7

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1. There is a famous photograph of Kengo Nikawa's pocket watch.  What does one associate with the watch or the photo?

2. What does a turtle use to breathe: 
    a: It's Underbelly
    b: It's Shell or
    c: It's Anus?

3. The following are the nicknames of which football teams at this year's world cup (2006): 
    a: Blaagult    
    b: Red Devils      
    c: Nati    
    d: El Tri

4. True or False: Gonads have been successfully transplanted.

5. What can you see with Kirlian photography?

6. What colour is Viridian?

7. The following words come from which film:
        "We're gonna need a bigger boat"

8. Since 1970, with the exception of 1974 and 2006, what has the German football team always brought with them to every world cup?

9. The following words are from which song:
        "It's bad news for the English game"

10. What is the ISHOTELLET in Sweden?


1. 08:16 - Hiroshima

How a turtle breathes2. c: Through it's anus (see picture)

3.  Four answers:    
    a: Sweden        
    b: South Korea       
    c: Switzerland        
    d: Mexico

4. False

5. Aura

6. Green

7. Jaws

8. Drinking Water

9. 3 Lions - Baddiel and Skinner

10. A hotel made from ice


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