Pauls Quiz 8

Posted in general knowledge

1. In which football world cup final was there, according to some, a brown and white ball?

2. How does one communicate in the language called gogo?

3. How does one communicate in the language called Todomo?

4. The dot on a written i is 0.6mm.  How many nanometers is it?

5. The following words are from which song:
        "Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky"

6. Zinedine Zidane's nickname is ZIZOU. What does the word Zizou mean?

7. What kind of people would hook themselves to a THANATRON machine?

8. Bitter orange liquor and and island. 7 letters

9. In the world of art, what is CHIAROSCURO?

10. In which European country does WIEHED mean the number one? Clue: Last Letter is an A.


1. 1966, after the 5th goal

2. With words

3. Touching

4. 600,000

5. Dust in the Wind (Kansas)

6. Cat / Kitten

7. People who want to commit suicide

8. Curacao

9. Light and Shadow

10. Malta


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