Pauls Quiz 9

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1. Which mammal kills the most people each year in Africa?

2. An edible product in which fragile products were transported in the 17th and 18th century, what is it? Six letters and the fifth letter is an E, as in Echo.

3. Which plant gives absinthe it's hallucinogenic properties?

4. The following words come from which song:
        "You've been a naughty girl, you let your nickers down"

5. Which female tennis player wanted a baby from Wayne Gretzky?

6. Which player is allowed to keep the match ball after a world cup football final?

7. FLAGALLETA, RHIZOPODA and CILIATA are all examples of what?

8.  Name six cities mentioned in the song Route 66.

9. What is the main ingredient in a Bisques soup?

10. Which medical 'problem' for males is associated with Priapos, the son of Aphodite and Dionysos?  


1. Hippo / Hippopotamus

2. Butter

3. Wormwood

4. I am the Walrus - Beatles

5. Martina Navratilova

6. Hatrick scorer

7. One-cell organisms

8. Chicago, LA, St. Louis, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, Flagstaff and don't forget Winona Kingman, Barstow and San Bernardino.

9. Shell Fish, such as Lobster

10. Permanent Erection


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