Pauls Quiz 10

Posted in general knowledge

1. If you can hear a mosquito, then you know that it's:
    a: female or        
    b: male?

2. Which island country is the only country in the world with all the different climatic zones?

3. Which mammal has more than 40,000 muscles?

4. In Star Trek, what are Tribbles?

5. Which bread's name means "Fart Boy"?

6. The strait of Hormus separates which two gulfs?

7. True or False: Until the middle of the 19th century in many European zoo's, you could pay your entrance fee with a dog or a cat that would later be fed to the lions.

8.  Which four letters would you find on a French wine bottle indicating that it is sweet?

9. What is Monty Roberts nickname?

10. The following are the first words to which songs:
        "It was the third of..."   a.  "September"  and  b.  "June"


1. a: female

2. New Zealand

3. Elephant

4. Little Furry Creatures

5. Pumpernickel

6. Oman and Persian Gulfs

7. True


9. Horse Whisperer

10. a,   Papa was a rolling stone    b. Ode to Billie  Joe


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