Pauls Quiz 11

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1. What must always be within 12 metres of a US President?

2. Joseph Stalin was mad. He twice ordered the KGB to murder which American Oscar winning cowboy / western hero?

3. Beatlemania conquered the world in the 1960's, which music style conquered Europe in the 1800's? (clue: Piano Virtuoso)

4. The names of seven artists at the famous Woodstock Festival start with the letter J. Name six of them.

5. In Japan, what is a Makudonaldo?

6. What was the name of the sect that strangled millions of people in India?

7. Why did the World War Two "Panzer Schiff Deutschland" change it's name to Luetzow at the beginning of the war?

8. In which television series would you find the following characters:
    a: Ralph Malph        
    b: Fraulein Rottenmeier

9. Who painted:
    a: The Primavera        
    b: The death of Socrates?

10. In Magnum PI, Higgins had two dogs, name them


1. The briefcase with the nuclear codes

2. John Wayne

3. Listomania

4. Seven answers:
    Jimi Hendrix, 
    Joan Baez, 
    Joe Cocker, 
    John Sebastian, 
    Janis Joplin, 
    Johnny Winter, 
    Jefferson Airplane

5. A MacDonalds Restaurant

6. Thugs

7. "Deutschland" could not be allowed to "go down" / sink

8. Two answers
    a: Happy Days, 
    b: Heidi

9. Two answers
    a: Botticelli, 
    b: David

10. Zeus and Apollo


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