Pauls Quiz 12

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1. One of the five oldest football associations in the world will in 2014 be a member of UEFA, which European country is it?

2. In which films would you find:
    a: a horse called Bulls Eye?
    b: a cat called Orion?
    c: a mouse called Timothy?

3. Which Greek word, also a food, means 'immortal'?
4. What do African children in Uganda drink before they first taste their Mother's milk? 

5. What does a Neonatologist study?

6. What is the song title that follows these words...
    "We keep getting richer but we can't get our picture on"?

7. What is the only dog that is allowed to give testimony in a US court room?

8. Which other sport was played at Wimbledon? (not tennis obviously)

9. Which mammal sleeps the least per day, circa 20 minutes?

10. The following are the first words to which song:
    "Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising"?


1. Gibralter

2.  Three Answers
    a: Toy Story, 
    b: Men In Black, 
    c: Dumbo

3. Ambrosia

4. Beer

5. New born babies

6. The cover of the Rolling Stone

7. Bloodhound

8. Croquet

9. Giraffe

10. "Burning Love" - Elvis Presley


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