Pauls Quiz 13

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1. Which sea explorer's expedition was the first to circum-navigate the globe?

2. Plus or minus ten percent, how many percent of American dogs are overweight?

3. Who asked the following musical questions:
    a: Do you believe in magic?
    b: Where do you go to my lovely?
    c: Who'll stop the rain?
    d: Where did our love go?
    e: How deep is your love?
    f: Why does it hurt when I pee?

4. What is the name of the cathedral in Red Square?

5. Until 50 years ago which food was widely unknown in the western world ? 4 letters?

6. Name the Russian soup, six letters.

7. In 1937, the European record football match attendance of 149,577 fans watched which two countries play?

8. Which country does the currency "Libro Pondo" come from?

9. What type of person believes that the existence of God cannot be proven or denied?
10. The following lyrics come from which song:
    "Some boys romance, some boys slow dance, that's all right with me "?


1. Magellan

2. 40%

3. Six answers:
    a: Lovin Spoonfull, 
    b: Peter Sarstedt, 
    c: Creedence Clearwater Revival, 
    d: Supremes, 
    e: Bee Gees, 
    f: Frank Zappa

4. Saint Basil's

5. Soya

6. BORSHT (in some parts of Europe it is spelt BORSCHT)

7. Scotland and England, at Hamden Park

8. Great Britain - Libro Pondo was the original name for the POUND.

9. Agnostic

10. Madonna - Material Girl


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