Pauls Quiz 15

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1. Which famous writer had a cameo role in the first Bridget Jones movie?

2. Who was the Father of Zeus?

3. In which year did Yuri Gagarin first leave the earth?

4. "Silver Hair, Ragged Shirt, Baggy Pants" - name the song

5.  In which films would you find the following characters:
    a: Dr. john Hammond    
    b: Dr. Emmett Brown    
    c: Dr. Evil
    d: Dr. Zira        
    e: Dr. John MacEntyre ?

6. The following words are from which song?
    "I want to shoot The whole day down"

7. Which word, of Greek and Roman origin, means "Foreigner", "Wild" and "Unwashed"?

8. Which two countries of the world have the largest amount of soldiers in proportion to their population?

9. Who were the man-eating witches in Russian folklore?

10. What is the capital of Madagascar?


1. Salmon Rushdie - He was seen a few years ago at a party dancing to the Bee Gees "Staying Alive"

2. Cronus

3. 1961 (april)

4. Mr. Bojangles

5. Five Answers:
    a: Jurassic Park    
    b: Back to the Future    
    c: Austin Powers
    d: Planet of the Apes
    e. M.A.S.H.    

6: "I don't like Mondays" - Boomtown Rats

7. Barbarian

8. Israel and North Korea

9. Yaga / Jaga / Baba jaga - all three acceptable answers

10. Antananarivo


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