Pauls Quiz 18

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1. What is a Topinambur?

2. What is champaigne called from outside of Champaigne?

3. What is the most unused lottery number? 
    a: 13, 
    b: 36 or 
    c: 49

4. Phasmophobia is the fear of what?

5. Which element makes up over one half of the human body? 
    a: Carbon, 
    b: Calcium or 
    c: Oxygen

6. Who or what is Ban ki Moon?

7. Which two countries had the most amount of wins in international football according to the eternal table in 1964?

8. Temporary Organ, Lobe Epilepsy. What is it?

9. What type of picture does one associate with NAZCAs?

10. The following are lyrics from which famous song?
    "I won't share you with another boy, I know my mind is made up, "
    "So put away your make-up, Told you once I won't tell you again, It's a bad way"


1. A root vegetable - sometimes called a Jewish Artichoke

2. Cremant

3. b: 36

4. Ghosts

5. c: Oxygen

6. The General Secretary of the United Nations.

7. England and Scotland.

8. Female orgasm without sex.

9. South American - animals and insects as seen only from the air - lines drawn in dust and sand - thousands of years old.

10. Roxanne - The Police


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