Pauls Quiz 19

Posted in general knowledge

1. Where does one find the oldest existing library in the world?

2. Which colour does one wear if one wants to appear slim? 
    a: Black    
    b: White    
    c: Red

3. Which of these countries has only one time zone:
    a: Canada, 
    b: China, 
    c: Brazil or 
    d: Russia?

4. Films based on novels by the following writers or novelists won an Oscar for 'best film', name the film for each case:
    a: Michael Ondaatje      
    b: Margeret Mitchel        
    c: Thomas Keneally   
    d: Thomas Harris        
    e: Ken Kesey        
    f: Henry Fielding

5. A DOLPHOLINA is an elegant move in which sport?

6. In literature, where does one find oneself if you followed the directions: "second on the right, straight ahead til morning"?

7. In medicine, what is HYPERHIDROSIS?

8. True or false: Viagra pils are kosher in Israel.

9. The following words are from which song? 
    " wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha"

10. The followiing words are from which song?
    "The sun is up, the sky is blue, It's beautiful and so are you"


1. The Vatican

2. a: Black

3. b: China

4. Six Answers
    a: English Patient, 
    b: Gone with the wind, 
    c: Schindler's List, 
    d: Silence of the lambs, 
    e: One flew over the cookoo's nest, 
    f: Tom Jones.

5. Synchronised Swimming

6. Never never land

7. Excessive sweating

8. True

9. Wannabe (Spice Girls)

10. Dear Prudence (Beatles)


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