Pauls Quiz 20

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1. What are the first three words to "Moby Dick"?

2. Which three actors have played Jack Ryan?

3. Which song do you associate with Billy Bones?

4. What is kept in an Ossarium?

5. How were the Vikings called who refused to wear armour in battle?

6. Is the Hydrogen bomb a FISSION or FUSION process bomb?

7. Which sinking capital city, according to the World Health Organisation, has the worst air quality in the world?

8. Complete the following song titles by inserting the missing number or numbers:
    a: tribes    
    b: become    
    c: links (clue by the band 'Ramstein')
    d: minute hero    
    e: with a bullet    
    f: miles high

9. Which countries border North Korea?

10. The following lyrics appear in which famous song?
    "A man without terrors from beard to false, As the headmaster reported to my son, He really can try, as they do, to find function..., Tell what he was saying, and his voice was low and his hive high, And his eyes were low."


1. Call me Ishmael

2. Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin

3. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum - Treasure Island

4. Bones

5. Beserkers

6. Fusion

7. Mexico City

8. Six Answers
    a: 2 tribes, 
    b: Two become one, 
    c: 234, 
    d: 3, 
    e: 18, 
    f: 8

9. China, Russia and South Korea.

10. Beatles - Revolution Number 9


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