Pauls Quiz 23

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1. The following words are from which famous song:
    "As she contemplates the stain upon the wall"?

2. What is the second largest French-speaking city?  (African cities excluded)

3. In which films did Tom Hanks play the following characters:
    a: Joe Fox, 
    b: Jim Lovell, 
    c: Andrew Beckett, 
    d: Paul Etchcomb ?

4. In literature, what is alliteration?

5. In 1492, sailors in the British navy were rationed 4.5 litres of what every day?

6. Cohiba Behike is the most expensive what in the world?

7. Which film in the 70's was responsible for making Reggae music popular around the world?

8. What was the most popular book in the DDR (East Germany)? - (hint: from a book sales point of view.)

9. A word for "Devourer of raw meat" - 6 letters

10. In Germany, where is the consumption of poppy buns (poppy-seed covered bread rolls) forbidden, is it
    a: in prison; b: in a mosque or c: in hospital ?


1. Another cup of coffee - Mike and the Mechanics

2. Montreal, Canada   (It is now claimed that Kinshasa holds the honoure world wide)

3.Four Answers
    a: You've got mail, 
    b: Apollo 13, 
    c: Philedelphia, 
    d: The green mile.

4. Alliteration is the repetition of initial consonant sounds in two or more neighbouring words or syllables - example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers OR the wild winds of winter

5. Beer

6. Cigar - (Cuban)

7. The harder they come

8. Karl Marx - Communist Manifesto


10. a: in prison, as poppy seeds, once consumed, can effect the heroine trace results from prisoner's urine.


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