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1. In song, what were Tommy's last dying words?

2. What do many men collect in an omphalo?

3. Fionn mac Cumhaill, Bergrisar, Daityas, Patagons and Nephilms are all examples of what?

4. Which Who song aptly applies to Horst Eckel, Keith Peacock and Archie Gemmil, considering each of them were the very first in each respective competition?

5. In paintings or pictures, which man is often depicted with blue skin? (Clue: elementary penguins sing his name)

6. What kind of device did Peter Frampton use in the songs 'Show me the way' and 'Do you feel like I do'?

7. Which band were the first to appear on Top Of The Pops on New Years Day 1964?  
    a. The Herman's Hermits
    b. The Zombies
    c. The Rolling Stones
    d. The Animals

8. Which force or effect, named after a French mathamatician, effects rotating bodies?

9. In which play would you find the cat Greymalkin? 

10. In Paris, where would you find Franklin D Roosevelt, Victor Hugo and George V?


1. Tell Laura I love her (Ray Peterson, Ricky Valance) LYRICS: Laura and Tommy where lovers
He wanted to give her everything
Flowers, presents, and most of all, a wedding ring...

He drove his car to the racing ground
He was the youngest driver there
The crowd roared as they started the race
from the track they drove at a deadly pace

no one knows what happend that day, how his car over turned in flames, but as they pulled him from the twisted wreck, with his dying breath, they heard him say...

Tell Laura I lover her....

2. Fluff (Omphalo is the belly button)

3. Giants  
    Fionn mac Cumhaill is a Giant in Irish folklore, 
    Bergrisar are Giants in Norse mythology, 
    Daityas are Giants in the Hindu relogion, 
    Patagons were supposed Giants in Patagonia, and 
    Nephilms are Giants in the Bible . 

4. Substitute "I'm a substitute for another guy" 
    Horst Eckel was the first substitute in a football world cup, 1954. 
    Keith Peacock was the first substitute in English football, 1965-1966 season. 
    Archie Gemmil was the first substitute in Scottish football, 1965-1966 season.

5. Krishna "Elementary penguins singing Hare Krishna" Beatles, I am the Walrus.

6. Talk Box or Vocoder."Show Me the Way" is a song written by Peter Frampton, which was originally released on his 1975 album Frampton and as a single, but gained its highest popularity as a song from his 1976 live album Frampton Comes Alive!. The song reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his biggest hit until "I'm in You" in 1977. The song was one of Frampton's earliest to feature the talk box effect, which would become one of his signature sounds. It has been covered by many artists, including Dinosaur Jr in a version included as bonus material on their album You're Living All Over Me. Peter Frampton also performed this song with the Foo Fighters on the David Letterman show in 2000.

7. Rolling Stones "I Wanna Be Your Man"

8. Coriolis (See image to right) In physics, the Coriolis effect is an apparent deflection of moving objects when they are viewed from a rotating reference frame.

In the inertial frame of reference (upper part of the picture), the black object moves in a straight line. However, the observer (red dot) who is standing in the rotating frame of reference (lower part of the picture) sees the object as following a curved path.

9. Macbeth Grimalkin was the name of the cat of Nostradamus, and later the witches' cat "Gray-Malkin" in Macbeth by William Shakespeare. A grimalkin is an old or evil-looking she-cat. The term stems from "gray" (the colour) plus "malkin", an obsolete term for a cat, derived from the hypocoristic form of the female name Maud. Scottish legend makes reference to the grimalkin as a faery cat which dwells in the highlands. The term/name may first come from Beware the Cat (published 1570) by William Baldwin, who relates the story of Grimalkin's death. According to its editors, the story, and thus the name, originates with Baldwin. It is also spelled Grimmalkin or Grimolochin.

In the television show "Batman", and later "The New Adventures of Batman", Catwoman (played by Julie Newmar) operated the Grimalkin Novelty Company, at the corner of Cattail Lane and Nine Lives Alley.

10. In the Paris Metro. They are all Metro stations.


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