Pauls Quiz 40

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1. Although Mao Tse Tung could do it, 90% of all Chinese citizens cannot - what?

2. Which three colours, which are said to stimulate appetite the most, are used therefore in fast food restaurants?

3. Which island, named after a Dutchman, is said to have the cleanest air in the world?

4. One can eat ALBUMEN every day. What is it?

5. Who was the first Hollywood star to receive over one million dollars for a single motion picture?

6. ABRAXIS is a secret word for which person?

7. One of Gustav Flaubert's famous books was about which famous woman?

8. What killed the Martians in "War of the Worlds"?

9. What is the longest Country name in Europe?

10. James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 had a number of optional extras or special additions, name 8 of them


1. Swim

2. Red, Yellow and Orange

3. Tasmania Tasmania, an Australian state, is located 200 kilometres (125 mi) south of the eastern side of the continent, being separated from it by Bass Strait. The state of Tasmania includes the island of Tasmania, and other surrounding islands. Tasmania has a population of 484,700 (March 2005)

4. The white of an egg Egg white is the common name for the clear liquid (also called albumen, poggle, or glair/glaire) contained within an egg. It is the cytoplasm of the egg, which until fertilization is a single cell. It consists mainly of about 15% proteins dissolved in water. Its primary purpose is to protect the egg yolk and also to provide additional nutrition for the growth of the embryo, as it is rich in proteins and is of high nutritional value. Unlike the egg yolk, it contains little fat. Albumen should not be confused with albumin, a kind of protein. In botany, the term albumen refers to the endosperm inside a plant seed.

5. Elizabeth Taylor

6. God

7. Madame Bovary Madame Bovary is a novel by Gustave Flaubert that was attacked for obscenity by public prosecutors when it was first serialised in La Revue de Paris between 1 October 1856 and 15 December 1856, resulting in a trial in January 1857 that made it notorious. After the acquittal on 7 February, it became a bestseller in book form in April 1857, and now stands virtually unchallenged not only as a seminal work of Realism, but as one of the most influential novels ever written.

8. Bacteria

9. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (A whopping 48 letters) - thanks to MO for correcting that simply mathematical error

10. For Goldfinger, the car featured a number of "optional extras", as Q reveals to Bond:

  • Front firing Browning .30 caliber machine guns behind the front indicators
  • Retractable blades in the tire spinners
  • Rising bullet-proof rear screen
  • Radio telephone
  • Radar scanner and tracking screen
  • Passenger ejector seat
  • Oil slick spray from rear light cluster
  • Caltrops from rear light cluster
  • Smoke screen from exhaust pipes
  • Revolving number plates - "BMT 216A" UK, "4711-EA-62" France, and "LU 6789" Switzerland
  • Front and rear extending rams
  • Gun cabinet under driver's seat
  • Bullet-proof windshield and rear windscreen
A rear water cannon was added for Thunderball.


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