Pauls Quiz 39

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1. Which European country has the most crime in proportion to it's population:
    a: Vatican, b: Monaco, c: Scotland?

2. Where can one find the following car license plates:
    a: 28IF,    b: BMT 216A (sometimes) ?

3. Elvis Presley had a soft spot for which make of car? (So much so that he had 26 of them)

4. What are the two meanings of the word ABACUS?

5. At which train station does one board the Hogwarts Express?

6. In 1981, hundreds of thousands of Germans demonstrated against which US weapons, even though the Russians had deployed SS20's just over the border?

7. In 1950, which were the only two cities in the world with over ten million inhabitants?

8. What was the name of the flu that killed an estimated 40 million people in 1918?

9. Statistically-speaking, who has the longer life expectancy; married men or un-married men?

10. Due to women's vanity at the time, which part of the Mona Lisa's body was missing?


1. a: Vatican

2. a: The Volkswagen beetle on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album. b: James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

3. Cadillac

4. 1: a calculation tool, 2: a flat slab or set above the capital of a column, forming its uppermost member.

5. Kings Cross Station in London

6. Pershing missiles

7. London and New York

8. Spanish Flu

9. Married men

10. Her eyebrows


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