Pauls Quiz 42

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1. What is an AILUROPHILE?

2. What is/was the Librorum Index?

3. The following sports people are famous in which sport:
    a: Sir Jack Hobbs
    b: Lester Piggot
    c: Jacky Ickx
    d: Margaret S Court
    e: Joe Montana

4. Complete the following song titles by adding the missing person's name:
    a: _____  Q
    b: Days of _______
    c: Bad bad _______
    d: _____ and son
    e: _____ restaurant massacre

5. The following words are from which famous song:
    "She tells me all the time you know"?

6. Where was the European equivalent of the Woodstock festival held?

7. Who owns a cat called Crookshanks?

8. Who has a friendly vacuum cleaner called Nunu?

9. In which South American country would you find New Amsterdam?

10. Which sea is named after a famous air disaster?


1. It comes from the Greek language: ailouros (cat) and philos (lover of). In other words, a very fancy word for *cat lover*!

2. The Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books") is a list of publications which the Catholic Church censored for being a danger to itself and the faith of its members.

3. Five Answers
    a: Cricket, 
    b: Horse Racing, 
    c: Motor Racing, 
    d: Tennis, 
    e: American Football

4. Five Answers
    a: Suzie, 
    b: Pearly Spencer, 
    c: Leroy Brown, 
    d: Matthew, 
    e: Alice's

5. I Feel Fine (The beatles)

6. Isle of Wight

7. Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter stories

8. The Teletubbies

9. Surinam

10. Icarian sea (from Icarrus)


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