Pauls Quiz 47

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1. Name the two countries with the most billionaires (US Dollar billionaires)

2. Which famous 19th century experiment (also the title of a book) demonstrates the earth's rotation?

3. Some hippies believed you could get high smoking Mellow Yellow. What was the source of this totally ineffective drug?

4. According to Einstein, which game doesn't God play?

5. In the antique world (Europe), what was the most westerly point in the known world?

6. Describe a woman known as a Virago

7. "The Black Panther" was the only goalkeeper to win the title of "European footballer of the year". What was his real name?

8. What is the longest waterfall in the world?

9. Forbes has a list called "Forbes Fictional 15". To get on this list a figure (TV, cartoons, film, literature) has to have assets of one billion dollars or more. I'll give you the initials, you give me the full name:
    a: B.W.
    b: L.C.
    c: M.B.
    d: W.W.

10. On the coasts of which countries are the following bays:
    a: Montego Bay
    b: Bay of Fundy
    c: Bay of Plenty


1. USA and Germany

2. Fou Pendulum / Foucault Pendulum

3. Dried banana peel

4. Dice

5. Canary Islands (Dog Islands)

6. An heroic virgin

7. Lev Yashin

8. Angel Falls, Venezuela. The falls are named after Jimmy Angel who first spotted the falls in 1933.
Location: Guayana Highlands, Venezuela
Length/Height: 2,937 Feet
Angel Falls are 15 times higher than Niagara Falls.

9. Four Answers
    a: Bruce Wayne, 
    b: Lara Croft, 
    c: Montgommery Burns (The Simpsons), 
    d: Willy Wonker

10. Three Answers
    a: Jamaica, 
    b: Canada, 
    c: New Zealand


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