Pauls Quiz 318

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1. Which majestic performer wrote Sinead O'Conner's chart topping hit song Nothing Compares 2 U?

2. In military aviation, what do the letters HUD stand for?

3. Which two countries border the Gulf of Bothnia?

4. In ancient China the death penalty awaited anyone caught smuggling which insect out of the country?

5. What was Antarctic explorer Robert Scott's ornithological middle name?

6. The wealthiest football club in Brazil is based in Sao Paulo. They are named in homage after an amatuer English side that toured Brazil undefeated in the early 20th century. What is the name of this prestigious club?

7. In which country was the actress Audrey Hepburn born?

8. In which film is there an amiable Luckdragon named Falcor?

9. The name of which organized crime syndicate means 'eight nine three'?

10. The 'Point of View Gun' is a weapon that forces the target to understand the perspective of the person who pulls the trigger. It was designed by Deep Thought and commissioned by a consortium of angry housewives tired of ending every argument with the phrase 'You just don't get it, do you'. In which film is this gun put to use?

11. Prussian, Sky, Cerulean, Air Force, Cornflower, Tyndall, Bondi, Powder, Brandeis and Cambridge are all examples of what?

12. Which warrior race are experts in the use of a nasty looking curved blade named 'Bat'leth'?

13. Which British Sir and Oscar winner for best supporting actor was the voice of Draco in the film Dragon Heart?

14. Which Red Sea harbour city; the name of which is closely associated with coffee, was the world's main marketplace for coffee between the 15th and 17th centuries?

15. Which country is the largest producer of coffee in
a. South America
b. Asia
c. Africa

16. Plus or minus 10.4%, what was the mortality rate amongst the air crew of RAF Bomber Command during World War Two?

17. Which popular product was first defined in 17th century English dictionaries as "high East India sauce"?

18. Which hit song from a British band in 1997-1998 was based on Andrew Oldham's adaptation of the Rolling Stones single 'The Last Time'?

19. Sun Yaoting (1902-1996) was China's last surviving what?

20. The name of which famous European city translated means 'the flourishing'?


1. Prince

2. Heads Up Display

3. Sweden and Finland

4. Silk worm

5. Falcon (Robert Falcon Scott)

6. Corinthians

7. Belgium

8. The Neverending Story

9. Yakuza

10. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

11. Blue (types, shades or hues of blue)

12. Klingons

13. Sean Connery

14. Mocha

15. Three answers.
a. Brazil
b. Vietnam
c. Ethiopia

16. 44.4% (from a total of 125,000 air crew 55,573 were killed)

17. Catchup (Ketchup)

18. Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve)

19. Eunuch

20. Florence (from Colonia Florentina, 'The flourishing colony')

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