Pauls Quiz 317

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1. What kind of fish is the main ingredient in Worcestershire sauce?

2. Which ancient title given to a leader translated means 'great house'? (Seven letters)

3. A type of monkey and a common tool. One word.

4. Hulk, Bismarck, Fred, Grafite, Wilson, Muller, Lincoln and Creedence Clearwater are all examples of what?

5. The following are the last words from central characters before they die. Name the film.
a. "The horror, the horror."
b. "Freedom !!!"
c. "Never let go."

6. With 10,582 sq km, the world's largest salt flat is located on which continent?

7. One of the levels in the Hynek Scale is also the title of which popular 1977 science fiction film?

8. The Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla are both located in which country?

9. The name for which sort of soothing drink stems from the Tibetan word meaning 'diamond island'? (10 letters)

10. The official song title of which 1967 mega hit has the following words in brackets?
(The lights went out in)

11. Which European country fought a short war with Venezuela in 1908?
a. The Netherlands  b. Germany  c. Italy  d. Spain

12. The Open era in tennis began in 1968. How much did Rod Laver receive in prize money for winning the mens singles title at Wimbledon that year?
a. 2,000 pounds  b. 20,000 pounds  c. 200,000 pounds  d. 2,000,000 pounds

13. Who did Sancho Panza work for?

14. Elephant Ear, Antler, Stove Pipe, Neptune's Goblet, Luffa, Glass, Bob, Tube, Red Boring, Thorny Horny and Venus Flower Basket are all examples of what?

15. Which European country with a population of some 16 million outscored the United States in the points table at the 1988 Summer Olympics?

16. Which Beatle was born in Madras India?

17. In which century did the Roman Catholic Church make celibacy a law for all priests?

18. Which bird was a number one hit song in the UK singles charts in 1969?

19. Name the two players who have scored a 'Golden Goal' in a final match of a UEFA European Championship. One point for each correct answer.

20. The name of which Egyptian goddess is also a popular fruit?


1. Anchovy

2. Pharaoh

3. Drill

4. Brazilian footballers

5. Three answers.
a. Apocalypse Now
b. Braveheart
c. Titanic

6. South America. (the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia)

7. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

8. Morocco

9. Darjeeling

10. Massachusetts (Bee Gees)

11. a. The Netherlands

12. a. 2,000 pounds (Billie Jean King, the womens singles winner, received 750 pounds)

13. Don Quixote

14. Sponges

15. East Germany

16. Pete Best

17. 12th century

18. Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)

19. Oliver Bierhoff and David Trezeguet

20. Nut

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