Pauls Quiz 316

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1. Which mega hit song from 1968, the title of which is also a biblical figure, had a very young Elton John as a voice in the chorus?

2. What is the well known French term for 'fat Tuesday'?

3. How many Apollo missions landed on the moon?

4. In film, which actor has played all of the following: an Egyptian pharaoh, an SS officer, an Hungarian aristocrat, a serial killer, a Greek god and "He who must not be named"?

5. Which Greek deity, usually depicted driving a flying chariot, was immortalized with the Colossus of Rhodes?

6. In which country was James Bond's mother born?

7. Dol is a unit of measurement for what?

8. The name of which country and controversial Formula One host translated means 'The Two Seas'?

9. One of the shortest wars in history took place in 1967. What name has been given to this war?

10. Shelf, Lenticulas, Mother of Pearl, Mushroom, Contrail, Mammatus and Noctilucent are all examples of what?

11. The name of the only moon in our solar system with a planet like atmosphere stems from a race of gods. What is the name of this unusual moon?

12. In which two films would one find the astronauts David Bowman and Heywood Floyd?

13. In the Beatles song Back In The USSR, what kind of girls "really knock me out"?

14. What is the well known Latin term for 'good faith'?

15. With 583 fatalities, the worst accident in aviation history occured on March 27, 1977 at Tenerife airport as two Boeing 747s collided on the runway. Which two airlines were involved?

16. What was broken for the first time May 6, 1954 in Oxford England?

17. Which cult film from 1964 ends with the Vera Lynn song 'We'll Meet Again'?

18. In the various lists of the world's best selling albums of all time, what are the two best selling albums with a number as album title? One point for each correct answer.

19. Tragus, from the Greek word 'tragos' meaning goat, is a piece of cartilage on the human body which resembles a goat's beard. Where is it found?

20. Who was the last prisoner in Berlin's Spandau Prison?


1. Delilah (Tom Jones)

2. Mardi Gras

3. Six (Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17)

4. Ralph Fiennes

5. Helios

6. Switzerland (Monique Bond, nee Delacroix)

7. Pain

8. Bahrain

9. The Six Day War

10. Cloud formations

11. Titan

12. '2001 A Space Odyssey' and '2010, The Year We Made Contact'

13. Ukraine girls

14. Bona Fide

15. Pan Am and KLM

16. The four minute mile

17. Dr. Strangelove

18. Two answers, The Beatles '1' and Adele '21'.

19. The ear. (it is the small piece of protruding cartilage at the front side of the ear)

20. Rudolf Hess

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