Pauls Quiz 321

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1. Which primary food source for many marine animals is a Norwegian word meaning 'young fry of fish'?

2. Until June 2, 1999, which landlocked Asian Kingdom was the only country in the world that banned television?

3. The first number one solo hit song from which performer was about a pet rat?

4. Which well known cooking term translated means 'to the tooth'?

5. The historical figures King Charles I, King Faisal I and Adolf Hitler have all been played by which English actor?

6. The cumbersome and rotund villian Oswald Cobblepot is better known under what name?

7. What is the other name for the wildebeest antelope?  

8. Who was vocalist Herb Fame's edible partner?

9. Used as currency by early European settlers to North America, what was the name of the sacred shell beads made by native east coast American Indians?

10. All of the events at the 1956 Summer Olympics except one were held in and around the host city Melbourne. Which events were held five months earlier in Stockholm Sweden?

11. Oscar winner Jessica Lange's first film role was in which 1976 Hollywood remake?

12. What name is given to the French speaking people who live in Belgium?

13. Red Apple, a fictitious brand of cigarettes, can be seen in many films from which cult director?

14. Which architectural and artistic style translated means 'rough or imperfect pearl'?

15. During the Second World War the Germans launched 3,172 V2 rockets. London was the target for 1,402 of these weapons. Which major sea port on the European continent was the target for 1,610 V2 rockets?

16. Meaning 'ground meat', what is the Japanese word for the fish based product used to make imitation crab meat?

17. Which French cooking term, named after an Italian city, refers to a dish served with spinach?

18. In film, who first played the role of the struggling actress named Ann Darrow?

19. The second largest barrier reef in the world is located in which body of water in the western hemisphere?

20. Which aquatic animals were once known as the 'soft gold of the Aegean'?


1. Krill

2. Bhutan

3. Michael Jackson (Ben)

4. Al dente

5. Alec Guinness

6. The Penguin

7. Gnu

8. Peaches (Peaches and Herb)

9. Wampum

10. Equestrian

11. King Kong

12. Walloons

13. Quentin Tarantino

14. Baroque

15. Antwerp Belgium

16. Surimi

17. A la Florentine

18. Fay Wray (the 1933 film King Kong)

19. The Gulf of Mexico (Mesoamerican Barrier Reef or Belize Barrier Reef)

20. Sponge

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