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1. Based on the total number of passengers per year, the two busiest metro (subway) systems in the world are in which cities? One point for each correct answer

2. Which popular dried fruit is named after a port city in Greece?

3. The two amiable lawbreakers Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabaugh were better known as what?

4. Philip Pirrip is the central character in which famous novel?

5. A black Perigord is an expensive example of what?

6. What was the only number one UK hit song from the year 2000 with a colour in the song title?

7. Which world famous Hollywood actress does one associate with the words "I want to be alone.."?

8. What is Stalingrad called today?

9. The Canadian Captain Arthur 'Roy' Brown is credited with bringing which man down?

10. Plus or minus 30 minutes, what was the Concorde's record time from New York to London?


1. Tokyo and Moscow

2. Corinthians (after the port city Corinth)

3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

4. Great Expectationsa Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip, an orphan and the protagonist and narrator of Great Expectations. Throughout his childhood, Pip thought that his life would be to become trained as a blacksmith. As a result of Magwitch's anonymous patronage, Pip travels to London and becomes a gentleman. All along, Pip was under the impression that his benefactor was Miss Havisham, as opposed to Magwitch.

5. Truffle The "black truffle" or "black Périgord truffle" is named after the Périgord region in France and grows with oak and hazelnut trees. Specimens can be found in late autumn and winter, reaching 7 cm in diameter and weighing up to 100 g. Production is almost exclusively European, with France accounting for 45%, Spain 35%, Italy 20%, and small amounts from Slovenia, Croatia and the Australian states of Tasmania and Western Australia

6. Black Coffee (All Saints)

7. Greta Garbo She is closely associated with a line from Grand Hotel, one which the American Film Institute in 2005 voted the 30th most memorable movie quote of all time, "I want to be alone, I just want to be alone", a theme echoed in several other roles. For example, in Love (1927) a title card reads, "I like to be alone"; in The Single Standard (1929) her character says, "I am walking alone because I want to be alone"; in the same film, she sails to the South Seas with her lover on a boat called the All Alone; in Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) (1931) she says to a suitor, "This time I rise... and fall... alone"; in Inspiration (1931) she tells a fickle lover, "I just want to be alone for a little while"; in Mata Hari (1931) she says to her new amour, "I never look ahead. By next spring I shall probably be... quite alone"; and in Ninotchka the (1939) the motif is lampooned when emissaries from Russia ask her, "Do you want to be alone, comrade"? "No", she says. By the early 1930s, the phrase had become indelibly linked to Garbo's public and private personae.

8. VolgogradVolgograd, formerly called Tsaritsyn (1589–1925) and Stalingrad (1925–1961), is an important industrial city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia. It is 80-kilometer (50 mi) long, north to south, situated on the western bank of the Volga River. The city became famous for its resistance, extensive damage, and death toll during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.

9. The Red Baron

10. 2 hours. 55 minutes. 15 seconds.

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