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1. The name for which kind of pizza or turnover is the Italian word for "trouser" (or pants)?

2. The best selling commercial jet airliner in the history of aviation is mentioned at the very beginning of the CCR song "Travelin' Band". Which plane is it?

3. Which famous computer virus was named after a Moscovite?

4. Which dance style is also the collective noun for rattlesnakes?
a. tango  b. hustle  c. rhumba  d. salsa 

5. A successful British female pop group in the 1990s and the second largest city in Antiqua and Barbuda. Two words.

6. Auntie Entity is the Amazon-like ruler of Bartertown in which 1985 post-apocalyptic movie?

7. What is by far the most illegally harvested human organ worldwide?

8. Which of the following is the geochronological unit for half a billion years or more?
a. age  b. era  c. epoch  d. eon 

9. Each of the following lyrics are from songs with the word "Mother" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Swaying daisys sing a lazy song beneath the sun
b. No I would not give you false hope on this strange and mournful day
c. I wanted you, you didn't want me, so I, I just got to tell you, goodbye, goodbye
d. You're so hot teasing me 

10. What are the four most populated cities in France? One point for each correct answer.

11. Which cheese lends its name to Britain's oldest complete human skeleton?
a. Cheshire man  b. Cottage man  c. Stilton man  d. Cheddar man 

12. Which Pulitzer Prize winning novel and Oscar nominated 1985 film follows the life of a woman named Celie Harris Johnson?

13. This gland, sometimes known as 'the third eye', is the smallest organ in the human body. What is it called?

14. A 3,250 km long river, an island popular with tourists, a sponge cake and a fortified wine. One word.

15. Deuterium Oxide is better known as 'heavy' what?

16. In which two Stanley Kubrick films did each of the following actors appear?
a. Peter Sellers
b. Kirk Douglas 

17. One of the songs on the Simon and Garfunkel album Bridge Over Troubled Water is titled 'So long, Frank Lloyd Wright'. What did Frank Lloyd Wright do for a living that made him world famous?

18. In which geological period are we living in today?
a. quaternary  b. permian  c. triassic  d. paleogene 

19. Who is the only French tennis player since 1946 to have won the French Open men's singles title?

20. What is the title of the famous Sandro Botticelli painting also known as the 'Allegory of Spring'?


1. Calzone

2. 737 (Boeing 737) "737 comin out of the sky, won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride, I wanna move, playin in a travelin band"

3. Anna Kournikova

4. Answer c. rhumba

5. All Saints

6. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

7. Kidneys

8. Answer d. eon

9. Four answers.
a. Mother Nature's Son (Beatles)
b. Mother And Child Reunion (Paul Simon)
c. Mother (John Lennon)
d. Does Your Mother Know (ABBA) 

10. Four answers. In order: Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse

11. Answer d. Cheddar man (the remains date to approximately 7150 BC)

12. The Color Purple

13. Pineal gland

14. Madeira

15. 'Heavy water'

16. Four answers.
a. Lolita and Dr. Strangelove
b. Paths of Glory and Spartacus 

17. Architect

18. Answer a. quaternary

19. Yannich Noah (1983)

20. Primavera

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