Pauls Quiz 353

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1. Which night blossoming desert plant is mentioned in the Eagles song 'Hotel California'?
a. Jojoba  b. Honeysuckle  c. Oleander  d. Colita 

2. What is the name of the well known American national detective agency founded in Chicago in 1852?

3. Which popular television series is filmed in and around Highclere Castle?

4. Who is the highest scoring African player in English Premier League history?

5. Which world record superlative does the '9th of July Avenue' (Avenida 9 de Julio) in Beunos Aires hold?
a. busiest avenue,  b. widest avenue,  c. longest avenue

6. Which hit song from 1967 recounts a tragic event that took place on Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi?

7. Gamophobia is the fear of what?

8. Which dart player has played in a record 31 consecutive World Championships?  

9. What were the four most populated US states in the year 1800? One point for each correct answer.

10. Henry Fonda plays the role of a US President in two films in which life on the planet is threatened with annihilation. Can you name the two films?

11. Fuseki, Moyo, Seki and Sabaki are some of the terms used in which game?

12. Which three colours are found on the flag of North Korea?

13. The name of which chemical element and widely used metal stems from a Latin word meaning 'bitter salt'?

14. Where in the human body is the tympanum located?

15. The following lyrics are from songs with the word 'Soldier' somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Stolen from Africa, brought to America, fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
b. He's five foot two and he's six foot four
c. And the drums are going rap a tap tap, and the fifes they loudly play, fare you well Polly my dear I must be going away 

16. Shibumi was one of the many best selling novels written by Trevanian in the 1970s. Which best selling Trevanian novel was made into a gripping, high altitude 1975 film starring Clint Eastwood?

17. Contestants from which South American country have won the Miss Universe title a record seven times? 

18. Signed in 1928 by 53 countries including all of the major nations, the international agreement known as the Kellogg-Briand Pact, or Pact of Paris, was an attempt to abolish what?
a. famine  b. torture  c. child labour  d. war 

19. "A Hero Will Rise" was the movie poster tag line for which Oscar winning film?

20. Which of the following iconic British automobiles was Barbie's first sports car?
a. Triumph TR3  b. MGB  c. Jaguar E-type  d. Austin Healey 3000 


1. Answer d. Colita ("On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air"

2. Pinkerton's

3. Downton Abbey

4. Mohamed Salah

5. Answer b. It is the widest avenue in the world.

6. Ode to Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry)

7. Marriage (or a relationship)

8. Steve Beaton

9. Four answers. In order: Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina.

10. Two answers. Fail Safe and Comet

11. Go

12. Red, white and blue

13. Aluminium

14. Ear

15. Three answers.
a. Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley)
b. Universal Soldier (Donavan)
c. The Gentleman Soldier (Pogues) 

16. The Eiger Sanction

17. Venezuela 

18. Answer d. war

19. Gladiator

20. Answer d. Austin Healey 3000

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