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1. The prefix for a billionth lends its name to which new science?

2. The sun doesn't rise until after 10 am in the far western parts of which large country?

3. Which famous comedian won a Grammy Award in 2009 for Best Bluegrass Album?

4. Which two animals are found on the flag of Mexico?

5. What were the five largest motor vehicle producing countries in the world in 1910? One point for each correct answer.

6. Since the introduction of the Open era in 1968, which five players have won three or more French Open Men's Singles titles? One point for each correct answer.

7. Measured in area, which of the following seas is the smallest?
a. Black Sea  b. Red Sea  c. White Sea  d. Yellow Sea 

8. What name was given to a female broadcaster of Japanese propaganda during WW II?

9. Which piece of culinary equipment with a French name is often used to melt chocolate over the stove? Two words

10. The following lyrics are from songs with the name "John" somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Somebody said he came from New Orleans where he got into a fight over a Cajun queen
b. Round Nassau town we did roam, drinking all night, we got in a fight
c. Made a lightning trip to Vienna, eating chocolate cake in a bag 

11. A fierce football derby is contested in the Serbian capital Belgrade between Partizan Belgrade and which other club?

12. The US Air Force's top secret plan 'Project A119' aimed to detonate a nuclear bomb where?
a. over the South Pole  b. in the sun  c. under the Arctic  d. on the moon 

13. The 1,849 km long Angara river is located in which country?

14. Name the films in which Helen Mirren plays a character married to a character played by
a. Anthony Hopkins
b. Harrison Ford
c. Nigel Hawthorne
d. Malcolm McDowell 

15. Which international organisation, named after a village in Nova Scotia Canada, won the Nobel Peace prize in 1995?

16. In a hit song from 1970, which title character makes "me sing like a guitar hummin'"?

17. Musicians who passed away at the age of 27 are members of the so called '27 Club'. Which club member has the initials B J?

18. Which three Japanese cities have hosted Olympic Games? One point for each correct answer.

19. The 'Shining Path' (or Sendero Luminoso) is an infamous revolutionary guerrilla movement in which South American country?

20. Duchess, Merrylegs, Ginger, Farmer Grey, Squire Gordon and Farmer Thoroughgood are all characters in which famous 19th century novel?


1. Nano science

2. China (China has only one time zone)

3. Steve Martin

4. Two answers. Eagle and snake

5. Five answers. In order: USA, France, Canada, UK and Germany.

6. Five answers. Rafael Nadal (05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20), Bjorn Borg (74, 75, 78, 79, 80, 81), Ivan Lendl (84, 86, 87), Matts Wilander (82, 85, 88) and Gustavo Kuertan (97, 00, 01)

7. Answer c. White Sea (circa 90,000 km2) (the other seas in order are: Red Sea, 438,000 km2, Black Sea 436,000 km2, Yellow Sea 380,000 km2)

8. Tokyo Rose

9. Bain Marie (Mary's bath)

10. Three answers.
a. Big Bad John (Jimmy Dean)
b. Sloop John B (Beach Boys)
c. The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Beatles) 

11. Red Star Belgrade

12. Answer d. on the moon

13. Russia

14. Four answers.
a. Hitchcock
b. Mosquito Coast
c. The Madness Of King George
d. Caligula 

15. Pugwash

16. Cracklin Rosie (Neil Diamond)

17. Brian Jones

18. Three answers. Tokyo (64, 2022), Sapporo (72) and Nagano (98)

19. Peru

20. Black Beauty (Anna Sewell)

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