Pauls Quiz 54

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1. In which of the following countries were Grace Kelly movies banned:
    a: Israel
    b: Iraq
    c: Monaco?

2. Which man was known as the "King of Swing"?

3. What colour are Beluga whales?

4. The Greek word for hellish noise and empire of evil spirits.  first letter P

5. What were the names given to the following peoples' marches:
    a: Mao Tse Tung
    b: Ghandi?

6. In 1972 UNESCO established the World Heritage List. What is the largest heritage site in the world?

7. The following words are from which famous song:
    "All I need is a pint a day"?

8. and 9. Name the eight countries of the world with the largest population of Muslims

10. During the cold war, what was a BOOMER?


1. c: Monaco

2. Benny GoodmanBenny Goodman, born Benjamin David Goodman , (May 30, 1909 - June 13, 1986) was an American jazz musician, known as "King of Swing", "Patriarch of the Clarinet", "The Professor", and "Swing's Senior Statesman".

3. WhiteThe Beluga Whale or White Whale (Delphinapterus leucas) is an Arctic and sub-arctic species of cetacean. This marine mammal is commonly referred to simply as the Beluga - the word derives from the Russian word for white.

4. PandemoniumSpelt: pandemonium, also pandaemonium or pandæmonium

5. a: The long march, b: The salt march

6. The Great Barrier Reef

7. Band on the run - (Wings)Stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever, Never seeing no one nice again like you, Mama you, mama you. If I ever get out of here, Thought of giving it all away To a registered charity. All I need is a pint a day If I ever get out of here.

8. and 9. Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey

10. A nuclear submarine / Ballistic missile submarine


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