Pauls Quiz 53

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1. The following words were the last words of which film character:
    "This is from Matilda"?

2. The first photographs were named after the French inventor - what were they called?

3. Two thirds of all coffee consumed in the world is made from the Caf? Arabica bean. The other one third is made from which sturdy bean? First letter is an 'R'.

4. Which symbol can you find on the Moldavian flag?

5. Who scored the two goals for the winners in the Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich in 1999? For a bonus point, who shot the goal for the losers?

6. and 7. According to Hippocrates, what are the four human temperaments?

8. What shape is Mafaldine Pasta? Is it 
    a: like a ribbon        b: like a pipe        c: like string?

9. What is an UMIAK for Eskimos? (Clue: it is only for women)

10. People who bark like a dog are said to have which syndrome?


1. Leon - from the movie of the same name.

2. Daguerreotypes - after the French artist Louis J.M. Daguerre

3. Robusta

Flag of Moldovia4. An Eagle

5. Sheringham and Solskjær for Manchester United (and the Bayern Munich goal was scored by Basler)

6. and 7. Hippocrates named the four temperaments "Melancholic, "Sanguine", "Choleric", and "Phlegmatic" (after various human body fluids which he believed influenced personality). Today we call these four temperaments "Guardian", "Artisan", "Idealist", and "Rationalist".

8. a: like a ribbon:

Mafaldine pasta - Ribbon like

9. An umiak is a boat - Umiak means 'Woman's boat' and kayak means 'Man's boat'.

10. Tourettes syndrome


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