Pauls Quiz 52

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1. An Arabic word for small town or village, six letters ending in "A".

2. Tina Turner sang the title theme tune to Golden Eye, the James Bond movie, who wrote the song?

3. Why do women glow when they are pregnant?

4. How many people are born every second:
    a: 1.1    b: 4.1    c: 40.1 ?

5. Which word means both "Bear" and "North"?

6. People with which two letters on their car license plate can break all the rules around and not bare any consequences?

7. Which company makes the sunglasses as worn by the Men in Black?

8. Name one of the three temperature scales that begins with the letter "R"?

9. According to the German Bundesbank, how many Deutschmark are still in existence and unyet changed into Euro (The Euro was introduced in January 2002)? Is it a: 3 Billion, b: 13 Billion or c: 33 Billion?

10. Which word would you find on a cider label that tells you it is sweet? Hint: Four letters




2. Bono from Irish rock band U2

3. Due to an increased blood volume The increased volume of blood causes the cheeks to take on an attractive blush, because of the many blood vessels just below the skin's surface. On top of this redness, the increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen. The flushed face on many pregnant women is similar to the one non-pregnant people experience when they are excited, cry, or do anything that increases their heart rate (which pregnancy does constantly).

4. b: 4.1 people are born every second around the world


6. CD - as in Core Diplomat

7. Rayban

8. Reaumur, Rankine or Romer

9. b: 13 Billion DM.

10. Doux


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