Pauls Quiz 51

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1. Give two examples of where one could see a NIMBUS.

2. Which first name did not exist until 'Peter Pan' was written?

3. and 4. Give the full name of the following elements of the periodic table:
    a: Ge     b: Kr     c: Eu     d: Es

5. Cocktails are usually made from many ingredients. However, which single ingredient is basis used to make the following cocktails:
    a: FIZZ
    b: FLIP?

6. Which two German ex-colonies begin with the letter 'S'?

7. Which children's book (later a Disney film) was written by James Bond creator Ian Flemming?

8. An animal that can self-generate even when in a thousand pieces? Six letters.

9. Which Oscar winner came in second place in a Le Mans race (24 hour)?

10. The following words are from which song:
    "Maybe the beauty or the beast, maybe the famine or the feast "?


1. a: in the sky - a type of cloud and 
    b: on/above the head of a saint - a halo

2. Wendy

3. and 4. a: Germanium, b: Krypton, c: Europium, d: Einsteinium

5. a: Soda Water and b: Egg

6. Solomon Islands and Samoa

7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


9. Paul Newman

10. "She" by Charles Aznavour


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