Pauls Quiz 50

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1. Due to the fact that your feet are bigger, when is the best time to buy shoes;
    a: In the morning or b: in the afternoon?

2. In which country can one find the River Kwai?

3. In which countries are the following international airports:
    a: Chennai
    b: Ben Gurion
    c: Queen Beatrix
    d: Mohammed the Fifth

4. Name the three Roman Emperors / Leaders between Augustus and Nero

5. Which male firstname stems from the Greek word for 'crown' or 'garland'?

6. Name the boxer in the following fights who fought against Mohammed Ali:
    a: The rumble in the jungle
    b: The thriller in Manilla

7. What is the only thing that a silkworm eats:
    a: Mulberry leaves
    b: Other silkworms
    c: Honey?

8. and 9. The following words mean 'beer' in which European language:
    a: CERVEZA
    b: SOR
    c: ?L
    d: PIVO

10. The following words are from which famous song:
    "I know they say let it be, But it just dont work out that way, And the course of a lifetime"


1. b: In the afternoon

2. Thailand

3. Four Answers
    a: India. 
    b: Israel. 
    c: Netherlands. 
    d: Morocco

4. Tiberius (19 August 14AD to 16 March 37AD), 
    Caligula (18 March 37AD to 24 January 41AD), 
    Claudius (24 January 41AD to 13 October 54AD)

5. Stephan / Steven

6. Two Answers: 
    a: George Foreman
    b: Joe Frazier

7. a: Mulberry leaves

8. and 9. Four Answers
    a: Spanish, 
    b: Hungarian, 
    c: Swedish, 
    d: Czech

10. (Paul Simon) - Mother and Child Reunion


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