Pauls Quiz 49

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1. What did Albert Einstein and Adam (Adam & Eve) have in common?

2. According to the New York Times world almanac, what was the population of the world in the year 1AD: 
    a: 2 million    b: 20 million    c: 200 million    d: 1 billion?

3. Complete the following song lyrics with a song title:
    "Never a frown with ________"

4. In which famous films are the following characters in a madhouse:
    a: McMurphy
    b: Gemini Killer
    c: Leonard Lowe ?

5. A Latin word for a square - six letters and the fifth is an 'N'

6. What are the following animals' babies called:
    a: Kangaroo
    b: Fox - three possible answers
    c: Pigeon- three possible answers

7. What is the word for a number with one hundred zeros? Hint: Many people use this word everyday but not related to the number itself.

8. Which country has a record eleven official languages?

9. What is the deepest female singing voice called? (Two words)

10. Name four footballers in the 1990s who won the title "Fifa world footballer of the year" who's name begins with the letter 'R'


1. They both had no belly button (Einstein's disappeared after an operation)

2. c: 200 million

3. Golden Brown (Stranglers)

4. a: One flew over the cuckoo's nest, b: Excorcist III, c: Awakenings


6. a: joey, b: kit, cub, pup, c: squawk, squab, squeaker

7. Googol (as in Google)

8. South Africa

9. Contra Alto

10. Roberto Baggio, Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo


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