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1. Which relatively unkown musician at the time, now a famous Sir, played piano on the album version of The Hollies 1970 hit song He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother?

2. "Love caught in the fire of revolution" was the movie poster tag line for which famous film?

3. Basal, Reflex and Weeping are the three basic types of what?

4. Which of the following birds is also the name of the biggest selling beer brand in India?
a. Kingfisher,  b. Black Swan,  c. Snowfinch,  d. Bluebird

5. The headquarters of which society is located at 12 Grimmauld Place, Islington?

6. The Arabic word for "sweet" or "desserts" and a confection made with sesame paste and sugar.

7. Which river runs through or by each of the following capital cities? One point for each correct answer.
a. Brazzaville
b. Vientiane
c. Warsaw
d. Moskow
e. Seoul

8. The smallest warm blooded creature in the world is the Bee what?

9. Which cocktails are named after the traditional silver cups in which they were once served?

10. The following lyrics are all from songs with a number (or numbers) in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. Your name is Deborah. Deborah. It never suited ya
b. And when a child is born into this world it has no concept of the tone the skin is living in
c. Inside outside leave me alone, inside outside nowhere is home
d. Starring blindly into space, getting up to splash my face, wanting just to stay awake

11. According to most sources, what % of the world's population have blue eyes?
a. 4 %,  b. 8 %,  c. 16 %,  d. 32 %

12. Chuuk, Yap, Pohnpei and Kosrae are also known as 'The Federated States of' what?

13. Krist Novoselic was the bassist and co-founder of which influential US band?

14. Named after a mountain range, which kind of bear once roamed Northern Africa?

15. Name the films that contain the following 'unforgettable' dialoge. One point for each correct answer.
a. "I said, put the bunny back in the box"
b. "Get off my plane"
c. "Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in hell"
d. "Noboby puts Baby in a corner"

16. GRB 080319 B was detected in March 2008 by a Swift satellite. It presently holds the record for the furthest object observable with the naked eye. What does G R B stand for?

17. The following are all winners of the Academy Award For Best Original Song. Can you name the movie in which it was played? One point for each correct answer.
a. Take My Breath Away
b. Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
c. We Belong Together
d. The Morning After

18. Plus or minus 308,483, what was the population of the United States in 1800? 

19. Who is the only woman to have played in nine consecutive Wimbledon Singles finals?
a. Billie Jean King,  b. Margret Smith Court,  c. Stefi Graf,  d. Martina Navratilova

20. In which John Carpenter film was Jeff Bridges nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor?


1. Sir Elton John

2. Dr Zhivago

3. Tears

4. Answer a. Kingfisher

5. Order of the Phoenix

6. Halva (halawa)

7. Five answers.
a. Congo
b. Mekong
c. Vistula
d. Moskva
e. Han

8. Bee hummingbird

9. Juleps

10. Four answers.
a. Disco 2000 (Pulp)
b. 7 Seconds (Youssou N'Dou)
c. 5.15 (The Who)
d. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Chicago)

11. Answer b. 8 %

12. Micronesia

13. Nirvana

14. Atlas bear

15. Four answers.
a. Con Air
b. Air Force One
c. 300
d. Dirty Dancing

16. Gamma Ray Burst

17. Four answers.
a. Top Gun
b. The Man Who Knew Too Much
c. Toy Story 3
d. The Poseidon Adventure

18. 5,308,483 (according to a United States Census taken in 1800)

19. Answer d. Martina Navratilova (1982-1990)

20. Starman

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