Pauls Quiz 425

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1. Kona, one of the most expensive coffees in the world, is cultivated in which country?

2. Which of the following is a metonym for the American fashion industry?
a. Seventh Avenue,  b. Times Square,  c. Madison Avenue,  d. Fifth Avenue

3. The first Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark is set in which year? Plus or minus 1

4. Which kind of juice does one mix with vodka, triple sec and lime to make the cocktail Cosmopolitan?

5. Who is Sweden's 2nd biggest selling music artist after ABBA?

6. What are the two largest beer companies in the world today?

7. Before Adi Dassler broke away to form Adidas, Adi and his brother Rudolf were the owners of which shoe and sportswear company?

8. Which US city was once almost completely destroyed in an act of war and therefore uses the phoenix as it's symbol?

9. Thule is the United States of America's most remote military outpost. Where is it located?

10. Which British musician had a record eight number one hit singles in the US Billboard Hot 100 in the 1980s?
a. David Bowie,  b. George Michael,  c. Phil Collins,  d. Paul McCartney

11. Established in 1642, the oldest figure skating club in the world is found in which capital city?

12. What are the three least densely populated US states?

13. The US Secret Service claims the most sophisticated counterfeit 100 dollar US banknotes are made in which country?
a. North Korea,  b. Mexico,  c. Russia,  d. Pakistan

14. What is the only song on the Beatles album Rubber Soul with an animal in the song title?

15. Which fabled creature is also a financial term for a start up company with a stock market valuation of more than one billion dollars?
a. cyclops,  b. unicorn,  c. hydra,  d. bigfoot

16. Who was the first tennis player to earn 1 million dollars?

17. Which automobile is nicknamed "the beast"?

18. Which popular cocktail is named after an Italian Renaissance painter?

19. Name the films in which actor Gary Oldman played each of the following 'bad guys'.
a. Egor Korshunov
b. Mason Verger
c. Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
d. DEA agent Norman Stansfield

20. Barajas Int Airport serves which capital city?


1. USA (Hawaii)

2. Answer a. Seventh Avenue

3. 1936

4. Cranberry

5. Roxette

6. Anheuser Busch and Heineken

7. Puma

8. Atlanta

9. Greenland

10. Answer c. Phil Collins (Against All Odds, One More Night, Sussudio, Separate Lives, Invisible Touch (with Genesis), Groovy Kind Of Love, Two Hearts, Another Day In Paradise)

11. Edinburgh (Edinburgh Skating Club)

12. Three answers. In order: Alaska, Wyoming and Montana

13. Answer a. North Korea

14. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

15. Answer b. unicorn

16. Rod Laver

17. US presidential state car

18. Bellini

19. Four answers.
a. Air Force One
b. Hannibal
c. The Fifth Element
d. Leon: The Professional

20. Madrid

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