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1. Fangotherapy is a popular wellness technique. Fango is the Italian word for what?

2. The title of a song from a popular musical and a national symbol which translated means "noble white". One word.

3. Which famous three word cartoon phrase is inscribed on Mel Blanc's gravestone?

4. The name of which part of Manhattan was a metonym for the American music industry in the late 19th and early 20th century?

5. In the 1965 war film The Heroes of Telemark, a Norwegian commando sinks a ferry loaded with deuterium oxide destined for Nazi Germany. Deuterium oxide is better known as what?

6. With which US city does one associate the slogan "What Happens Here, Stays Here"?

7. In which Dashiell Hammett novel are the detective couple Nick and Nora Charles the central characters?

8. Pluto's largest moon is named after which underworld figure?

9. Which British controlled territory in the Indian Ocean, leased to the US military, is a so called "unsinkable aircraft carrier"?

10. American singer songwriter Richie Haven's ashes were scattered on a field near which famous town in New York state?

11. The following was a movie poster tag line for which 1984 Hollywood comedy romance?
"Allen Bauer never thought he'd find the right woman, he was only half wrong"

12. Matthew Hopkins, responsible for the death of an estimated 300 women between 1644 and 1646, gave himself which title?

13. Plus or minus two, the first successful landing of a spacecraft on another planet (our moon is not a planet) took place in which year?

14. Other than English, Franklin D Roosevelt was fluent in which two languages? One point for each correct answer.

15. Which small US city on the shore of Lake Huron lent its name to one of the most successful pop groups in history?

16. Based on the total number of Constructor's Championships, what are the all time top five racing teams in Formula One? One point for each correct answer.

17. Air Force One is the official air traffic call sign for a USAF aircraft carrying a US President. What is the call sign for any civil aircraft carrying the US President?

18. Based on average annual temperature, which of the following holds the title 'Coldest capital city in the World'?
a. Moscow,  b. Ottawa,  c. Reykjavik,  d. Ulaanbaatar

19. The 2007 album titled 'The Long Road Out Of Eden' was the first number one album since 1979 for which band?

20. With 11.5 million inhabitants, what is the most populated country in the Caribbean?


1. Mud

2. Edelweiss

3. That's All Folks

4. Tin Pan Alley

5. Heavy water

6. Las Vegas

7. The Thin Man

8. Charon

9. Diego Garcia

10. Woodstock (or White Lake, or Bethel)

11. Splash

12. Witch Finder General

13. 1970 (the Soviet Venera 7 landing on Venus)

14. French and German

15. Bay City (Bay City Rollers)

16. Five answers. In order: Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull

17. Executive One

18. Answer d. Ulaanbaatar

19. The Eagles

20. Haiti

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