Pauls Quiz 427

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1. Which record company rejected the Beatles after a January 1, 1962 audition with the explanation "guitar groups are on the way out"? 

2. Which 1990 action film ends with the following words?
"You get this parking ticket in front of my airport?"
"Ah, what the hell, it's Christmas!"

3. In military slang, what is a 'Sky Pilot'?

4. In which year was the last public execution in the USA? Plus or minus 5.

5. Measured in pounds per square inch, which of the following has the most powerful bite?
a. saltwater crocodile, b. polar bear,  c. bull shark,  d. spotted hyena

6. A form of transport and a cocktail containing cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice.

7. Which two NATO members have the most military personnel?

8. Minnie Mouse. Minnie is a pet name. What is Minnie's real first name?
a. Minerva,  b. Marion,  c. Melicent,  d. Myriam

9. "Cut the red one" was a movie poster tag line for which critically acclaimed film?

10. Which American man was the world number one professional tennis player eight years in a row from 1952 to 1960?

11. What kind of water has sometimes been used in emergencies as a substitute for blood plasma?

12. Which one of the following animals has a special sensory organ known as the 'Ampullae of Lorenzini'?
a. shark,  b. bird,  c. snake,  d. crocodile

13. Which Beatle is on the far left of the Abbey Road album cover?

14. What were the two most populated cities in Europe in the year 1300 AD?

15. Name the novels in which one finds each of the following bears? 
a. State O' Maine
b. Beorn
c. Aloysius

16. Which one country is the world's largest producer of cherries, apricots, figs, and hazelnuts?

17. A 2012 sci fi prequel movie and the Titan responsible for creating mankind.

18. Which Bruce Springsteen song was a number one hit in the US charts for a British band in 1977?

19. Which E.U. capital city is named after a 16th century Grand Master of the Order of Saint John?

20. Which four players have scored 300 or more goals for Real Madrid? One point for each correct answer.


1. Decca Records

2. Die Hard 2

3. Military chaplain

4. 1936

5. Answer a. saltwater crocodile

6. Sidecar

7. Two answers. USA and Turkey

8. Answer a. Minerva

9. The Hurt Locker

10. Pancho Gonzales

11. Coconut water

12. Answer a. shark

13. George

14. Two answers. Paris and Venice

15. Three answers.
a. The Hotel New Hampshire
b. The Hobbit
c. Brideshead Revisited

16. Turkey

17. Prometheus

18. Blinded By The Light (Manfred Mann)

19. Valetta

20. Four answers. Ronaldo, Benzema, Raul, Alfredo Di Stefano

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