Pauls Quiz 429

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1. Which 2011 Hollywood movie begins with a black screen and a foreboding cough?

2. The name of which large European country translated means "borderland"?

3. Which colour is also the 5th most popular surname in the US?

4. Who wrote the songs 'Heartbreaker', 'Chain Reaction', 'Islands in the Stream' and 'Emotion'?

5. Bubble tea originated in which country?

6. Between 1952 and 1955, La Plata Argentina was given a new name. Who was it renamed after?

7. Which song title do both The Beatles and The Doors have in common?

8. What is the well known Hebrew translation for "to the skies" or "skywards"?

9. "Something wonderful is about to happen" was a movie poster tag line for which science fiction sequel?

10. With contact to humans from the outside world strictly forbidden, which islands in the Indian Ocean are home to the only known paleolithic people?

11. Which man's bones were first buried in Valladolid Spain, then moved to Sevilla, then transported across the Atlantic to Santo Domingo, then to Havana, and now finally rest again in Sevilla?

12. An old man and a six litre bottle of wine. One word.

13. The second largest tennis stadium at the US Open is named after which famous musician?
a. Bing Crosby,  b. Ray Charles,  c. Frank Sinatra,  d. Louis Armstrong

14. With a capicity of 23,771, the largest tennis stadium in the world is named after which American tennis player?

15. Since the year 2000, "United in Diversity" is the official motto for what?
a. FIFA,  b. European Union,  c. NATO,  d. International Olympic Committee

16. What kind of "Chateau" was a number one selling album in the US music charts for Elton John?

17. Magellanic, Chinstrap, King and Gentoo are all examples of what?

18. Which German band leader composed the music for Frank Sinatra's 'Strangers in the Night' and Nat King Cole's 'L-O-V-E'?

19. The following is a line from which 1990 Hollywood action film sequel?
"Another basement, another elevator, how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice !"

20. The northernmost point in the E.U. is found in which country?


1. Contagion

2. Ukraine

3. Brown

4. Bee Gees

5. Taiwan

6. Eva Peron (Eva Peron City)

7. The End

8. El AL

9. 2010: The Year We Make Contact

10. Andaman Islands

11. Christopher Columbus

12. Methuselah

13. Answer d. Louis Armstrong

14. Arthur Ashe

15. Answer b. The European Union

16. Honky Chateau

17. Penguin species

18. Bert Kaempfert

19. Die Hard 2

20. Finland

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