Pauls Quiz 288

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1. The name of which toy translated means "come come"?

2. Too-Too, Dab Dab and Chee-Chee are some examples of what?

3. The song title 'Go West' has been a hit for which two bands?

4. What tasty name did Captain Cook give the Hawaiian Islands in 1778?

5. 'Rich Uncle Pennybags', a round old man in a top hat, serves as the mascot for what?

6. During the 1920s, Big Bill Tilden was the dominant figure in which sport?

7. The cooking term 'Roux' is a combination of which two ingredients?

8. Who played the drums in Band Aid's 1984 Christmas hit, 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'?

9. Naja Naja is the scientific name for which animal?

10. The 1934 Hollywood movie 'It Happened One Night' was the first film to win the 'Big Five' (Academy awards for best picture, director, actor, actress and writing). Name the other two films that have accomplished this feat. One point for each correct answer.

11. The scientific world has been turned on its head recently with the discovery that what may be capable of travelling faster than the speed of light?

12. In meteórology, which term means 'the boy'?

13. Which David Bowie song have both Lulu and Nirvana covered?

14. Winston Smith is a central character in which book and film?

15. Which two bands had a hit with the song 'Venus'? One point for each correct answer.

16. Which five letter word that stems from Arabic, means "opposite of the zenith"? (first letter 'N')

17. Which film features the ill-fated ship 'Andrea Gail'?

18. In which sport did the 'Czech Locomotive' Emil Zatopek excell?

19. The words 'Electricity' and 'Electron' both stem from the Greek word for which well known tree resin?

20. Which Irish actor was nominated eight times for an Oscar and never won, a record?


1. Yo yo

2. Animals in Dr. Dolittle

3. The Village People and The Pet Shop Boys

4. Sandwich Islands

5. The game Monopoly

6. Tennis

7. Flour and fat (butter). Used in thickening a sauce.

8. Phil Collins

9. Cobra

10. Two answers. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Silence Of The Lambs

11. Neutrinos

12. El Nino

13. The Man Who Sold The World

14. 1984

15. Two answers. Shocking Blue and Bananarama

16. Nadir

17. The Perfect Storm

18. Long distance running

19. Amber

20. Peter O'Toole

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