Pauls Quiz 307

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1. Left out of the Hollywood film version, Tom Bombadil was an important character in which book?

2. Which Debbie Boone song holds the record for the single with the most weeks at number one in the US charts during the 1970s?

3. The name of which famous prison is also the Portuguese word for 'pelican'?

4. Popular in the 1920s, what was 'Black Bottom'?

5. Which American rock band, whose name is an Australian aboriginal expression, was one of the biggest selling musical acts in the late 1960s and early 1970s?

6. The title of which science fiction novel from Michael Crichton is a term used for any bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisims whose accidental release from a lab could have catastrophic effects?

7. With 311,000 inhabitants, what is the most populated city north of the Arctic Circle?

8. The name of which famous Spanish palace and citadel translated means 'red house'?

9. The ancient Greek Thespis is considered by many as the first what?

10. What colour was Thursday, 24 October 1929?

11. The Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers' album cover with the real zipper was designed by which artist?

12. Which element did Marie Curie name after the country of her birth?

13. Some animals have tails that can grasp, grip and manipulate objects. What are these tails called?

14. Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes and E. M. Forster were all part of which group?

15. What is the name of the unit of length equal to?
a. one billionth of a metre
b. one trillionth of a metre

16. The title of which Hollywood blockbuster stems from the Sanskrit word for 'descent'?

17. The secret Chinese society around the turn of the last century called Yi He Quan, meaning 'righteous harmony fists', were better known as what?

18. What is the largest nest building mammal in the world?

19. The Torino Scale is a method of categorizing the impact hazard of so-called NEO's. What do the letters N E O stand for?

20. Which Hindi word for single or solitary also leads the pack?


1. The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Rings)

2. You Light Up My Life

3. Alcatraz

4. A dance style

5. Three Dog Night

6. The Andromeda Strain

7. Murmansk

8. Alhambra

9. Actor

10. Black (The Wall Street crash of 1929 was called 'Black Thursday')

11. Andy Warhol

12. Polonium

13. Prehensile

14. Bloomsbury Group

15. Two answers
a. nanometre
b. picometre

16. Avatar

17. Boxers

18. Gorilla

19. Near Earth Object

20. Akela

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