Pauls Quiz 311

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1. Hollywood is in L A, Bollywood in Bombay. In which city is Lollywood?

2. Which Greek is known as 'the father of modern medicine'?

3. Who was the captain of the Pequod?

4. What were the two former names of Istanbul?

5. Which member of the Beatles, sometimes called a 'fifth Beatle', was born in Madras India?

6. "If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding" was a line from which number one hit song on both sides of the Atlantic?

7. In the world of sport, Jochen Rindt is the only posthumous winner of which title?

8. Three men are madly in love with Esmeralda. Frollo and Phoebus are two of them. Who is the third man?

9. Which 1960s clothing fad was named after a famous 20th century Asian statesman and politician?

10. In which films do the following animals play a role? One point for each correct answer.
a. Two socks
b. Maa
c. Jonesy
d. Mr. Jingles

11. The brutal Bill Sykes (Sikes) and his dog Bulls Eye are characters in which novel and film?

12. Which capital city lies on the river Tagus?

13. Cora and Alice Munro endure trials and hardships in which popular novel?

14. Eric Clapton's love for sweets inspired George Harrison to write which Beatles song?

15. What is Edmond Dantes' title?

16. In the Weather Girls song, about what time does it start raining men?

17. On what scale is cola 3, beer 3.2, wine 3.5, water 7, blood 7.4 and sea water 8.5?

18. Which 1749 Henry Fielding novel is also an Oscar winning film?

19. "Listen to the ground there is movement all around" are the first words to which disco hit?

20. Antiqua and Barbuda excluded, name the eight countries in the world that begin and end with the letter 'A'. One point for each correct answer.


1. Lahore Pakistan

2. Hippocrates

3. Capt. Ahab

4. Byzantium and Constantinople

5. Pete Best

6. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd)

7. Formula One World Driver's Championship (1970)

8. Quasimodo

9. Nehru Jacket

10. Four answers.
a. Dances with Wolves
b. Babe
c. Alien or Aliens
d. The Green Mile

11. Oliver Twist

12. Lisbon, Portugal

13. The Last of the Mohicans

14. Savoy Truffle

15. The Count of Monte Cristo

16. Half-past ten. ("Cause tonight for the first time just about half-past ten, for the first time in history it's gonna start raining men")

17. pH Scale (potential of hydrogen scale)

18. Tom Jones

19. Night Fever (Bee Gees)

20. Eight answers. Albania, Angola, Andorra, Algeria, Austria, Australia, Armenia and Argentina.

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