Pauls Quiz 310

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1. Kristin Shepard is the answer to which popular television catchphrase from 1980?

2. The name of which month is derived from the Latin word for 'to purify'?

3. In the Beatles song 'Penny Lane', who keeps a portrait of the Queen in his pocket?

4. The name for which pigment means 'over the sea'?

5. Blessed with longevity and intelligence, the animal known as Mr. Jingles is found in which film?

6. What is crooner Arnold George Dorsey's stage name?

7. A book and the leader of the Titans. One word.

8. Born December 22, 2001, what name was given to the first cloned cat?

9. Which Australian tennis player, who won Grand Slam titles in the 50s, 60s and 70s, is the oldest man ever to win a Grand Slam singles title?

10. What is the medical name for a small suction device used to remove bodily fluids from a patient?

11. The US record for five number one songs from a single album is held by two musicians. One is a male, the other a female. Can you name them? One point for each correct answer.

12. Falcon, Broad, Azuki, Winged, Green and Urad are all examples of what?

13. Once upon a time it was called a 'Lodestone'. What do we know it as today?

14. The call sign for a US Air Force aircraft carrying a US President is Air Force One. What is the call sign for any civil aircraft that carries a US President?

15. The river Oja gives which wine its name?

16. In the Elton John song 'Rocket Man', what is the weather like on Mars?

17. Based on the number of platforms, what is the largest railway station in the world?

18. Which American statesman and inventor was posthumously inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame?

19. What is the name of the river that runs through Amsterdam?

20. In which two films based on Steven King books does Morgan Freeman play a role? One point for each correct answer.


1. Who shot J.R.?

2. February (from februo)

3. The Fireman

4. Ultramarine

5. The Green Mile

6. Engelbert Humperdinck

7. Atlas

8. C. C. (Copycat or Carbon Copy)

9. Ken 'muscles' Rosewall. (Rosewall won the 1972 Australian Open with 37 years and 2 months. He is also the oldest man to win the US Open)

10. Aspirator

11. Two answers. Michael Jackson (Bad) and Kate Perry (Teenage Dream)

12. Beans

13. Magnet (a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite)

14. Executive One

15. Rioja

16. "It's cold as hell"

17. Grand Central, New York City

18. Benjamin Franklin

19. Amstel

20. Two answers. The Shawshank Redemption and Dreamcatcher

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