Pauls Quiz 80

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1. Christine Jorgensen was the first person to undergo what in 1953 ?

2. Each of the following are examples of what? 
    a: A , B , TD , TF.
    b: B , F , H , 2H.

3. In literature, what were Natty Bumppo's two nicknames ?

4. The name of which Grammy award winning band is another word for "dildo"? Two words

5. During a hotly contested cricket match once upon a time between New South Wales and Victoria the middle stump was knocked out of the ground without the bails falling out . Explain how this happened and defied the laws of gravity.

6. Which TV series took place in Coco Beach ?

7. Bolivia and Paraguay once went to war for 3 years .What was the sticky dispute all about ?

8. What are the next 5 famous words on this grave stone ? 
    Here lies Aurthur ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

9. Complete the following Donavan song titles. 
    a: Sunshine _____
    b: Mellow _____
    c: Jennifer _____
    d: Season _____

10. Complete the following classic movie line:
    "And what will become of us?" 
    "We'll always have________"


1. A sex change

2. Two answers: 
    a: MG's (nice car except for the electrics ) 
    b: the hardness of pencils

3. Hawkeye and Leatherstocking

4. Steely Dan

5. 96?F in the shade, too hot. The varnish on the bails melted and they were glued together. A sticky wicket. By the way, the umpires decision was "not out"

6. I dream of Jeannie (and millions of others)

7. A postage stamp

8. The once and future king

9. Four Answers
    a: Superman 
    b: Yellow 
    c: Juniper 
    d: of the witch

10. "Paris" from the film Casablanca


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