Pauls Quiz 79

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1. What did millions of viewers see live on TV for the first time over the Christmas holidays in 1968 ?

2. The mathematician Blaise Pascall invented which game ? (Clue - if needed "What time do you call this?")

3. Which chain-smoker won the European footballer of the year title three times ?

4. Nova was a very quiet, beautiful young woman in which film?

5. And and and... Complete the following band names 
    a: Loggins and ______
    b: Hall and ______
    c: Ian and ______
    d: Peaches and ______
    e: Godley and ______
    f: Jan and ______
    g: Ashford and ______
    h: Seals and ______
    i: Cheech and ______
    j: The captain and ______

6. What does one keep in a FORMICARIUM?

7. In 1990, who won the vote as the sportsman of the decade (1980-1990) in north America?

8. Re: the land of the big snowball. Which country did Celine Dion represent in the 1988 Eurovision song contest?

9. Who's name and number represents 341m per sec. ?

10. Which sporting trophy is called the "ugliest salad bowl in the world"?


1. The dark side of the moon

2. Roulette

3. Johan Cruyff

4. Planet of the apes

5. Ten Answers:
    c: Sylvia 
    d: Herb 
    e: Creme 
    f: Dean 
    g: Simpson 
    h: Crofts 
    i: Chong 
    j: Tennille

6. Ants

7. The great one Wayne Gretzky

8. Switzerland

9. Mach one

10. The Davis Cup


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