Pauls Quiz 78

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1. When the Titanic went down which country was closest to the spot it sank ? (Clue - if necessary; it was not CANADA).

2. Since 1954 ,what kind of machines are not allowed to land in the Chateauneuf du Pape region of France?

3. Which leader has scored the most own goals whilst playing for Germany?

4. Between which two countries was the largest refugee wave in history?

5. What was unusual about Alphonse Allais's 1897 painting titled "First communion of anaemic young girls in the snow"?

6. What is a Negli saw used for? (Clue - if needed; "this won`t hurt")

7. The following words are from which film? 
    "Gort klaatu barada nikto"

8. Which famous Scottish rococo artist's name is the same as a very popular travelling stage show?

9. True or False: At the annual "Biggest liar in the world competion" in Stanton Bridge, England, lawyers , politicians and journalists are banned?

10. Which peace loving man once said "an eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind"?


1. Newfoundland, Newfie was not a part of CANADA until much later

2. UFOs

3. der Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer

4. 1947 - India and Pakistan (was not a pretty site)

5. If you are an Eskimo you might have a few answers but the QUIZMASTER will accept "it's all white"

6. Cutting through bone

7. The day the earth stood still

8. Chippendale

9. Too true

10. Mr. Salt March, (Mahatma) Mohandas Gandhi


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