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1. The Boswell sisters released a record in 1934. Which three words appeared for the very first time in the song title?

2. Which two characters have been portrayed the most times in films ?

3. Which famous captain coined "el mar Pacifico" ?

4. The following are descriptions of 007 bad guys.You get one point for the name of the evil doer and one point for the name of the film. 
    a: Steel hands 
    b: A third nipple 
    c: A metal arm 
    d: Webbed fingers

5. In 1714 the British government offered a prize of 20,000 pounds (a fortune in those days ) to the person who could find a way to do what? Clue: the solution was found 50 years later.

6. The secret Coca Cola formula has been leaked a few times. If true, which two spices from islands in the Indian ocean are found in the formula?  Clue: One spice comes from the tree Myristica Fragrans and the other comes from a tree native to Ceylon.

7. Helan &  Halvan, Gog & Gokke, Flip i Flap, Crick & Crock and Stan es Pan are all examples of what ?

8. One quarter of the worlds production of which very, very, very important plant is from the Hallertau region of Bavaria?

9.  Which high flying band from the UK was the first to have a number one hit in the USA? For an extra point, name the high flying song.

10. SPECTRE was a criminal organisation in the early Bond films. Spe stands for Special executive for. What do the letters C, T, R and E stand for? One point for every correct answer.


1. Rock 'n' Roll.The Boswell Sisters were a close harmony singing group that attained national prominence in the USA in the 1930s. The name of their song "Rock and Roll" is an early use of the term. It is not one of the sisters' hotter numbers; it refers to "the rolling rocking rhythm of the sea".

2. Dracula and Sherlock Holmes

3. Magellan (English: Ferdinand Magellan - Portuguese: Fernao de Magalhaes) Magellan was a Portuguese-born maritime explorer who, at the service of Spain, attempted to find a westward route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. This voyage became known as the first successful attempt at world circumnavigation. He did not complete his final, westward voyage; he was killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines. As he died farther west than the Spice Islands, which he had visited on earlier voyages from the west, he became one of the first individuals to cross all the meridians of the globe. He was the first person to lead an expedition sailing westward from Europe to Asia and to cross the Pacific Ocean.

4. Four Answers;
    a: Dr. No in "Dr. No"
    b: Scaramanga in "The man with the golden gun"
    c: Tee Hee in "Live and let Die"
    d: Stromberg in "The spy who loved me"

5. To determine longitude

6. Nutmeg and cinnamon The exact formula of Coca-Cola is a famous trade secret. The original copy of the formula is held in SunTrust Bank's main vault in Atlanta. The Coca-Cola Company only produces a syrup concentrate, which it sells to various bottlers throughout the world who hold Coca-Cola franchises for one or more geographical areas.

7.  "Laurel and Hardy" in various languages. In Danish they are called "G?g og Gokke"
In Spanish they are called "El Gordo y el Flaco" (The Fat One and the Thin One)
In French they are called "Laurel et Hardy"
In Italian they are called "Stanlio & Ollio" and "Crick & Crock"
In Swedish they are called "Helan och Halvan" (The Whole and the Half)
In Albanian they are called "Olio me Stelion"
In German they are called "Dick und Doof"
In Polish they are called "Flip i Flap"
In Finnish they are called "Ohukainen ja Paksukainen" (Skinny and Fatty)
In Arabic they are called "El Tikhin Ouel Roufain "
In Greek they are called "Chondros kai Lighnos" (The Fat One and the Thin One)
In Turkish they are called "Sisman ve Zaif" and "Lorel ile Hardi "
In Serbian they are called "Stanlio i Olio"
In Dutch they are called "De Dikke en de Dunne" (The Fat One and the Thin One)
In Slovak they are called "Laurel a Hardy "
In Romanian they are called "Stan şi Bran "
In Potugese they are called "Bucha e Estica" (Chubby and Stretch)
In Maltese they are called "L-Ohxon u l-Irqiq" (The Fat One and the Thin One)
In Icelandic they are called "Steini og Olli"
In Hungarian they are called "Stan ?s Pan"
In Hebrew they are called "Hashamen ve Haraze"
In Estonian they are called "Paks ja Peenike"

8. Hops The Hallertau or Holledau is an area in Bavaria, Germany. With 178 km? it is the biggest hop-planting area in the world.

9. Tornados with "Telestar". The Tornados (in the U.S. they were credited as The Tornadoes) were an English instrumental group of the 1960s, who acted as the in-house back-up group for many of Joe Meek's productions. The Tornados also enjoyed several chart hits in their own right, including the Number One "Telstar" (named after the satellite and composed by Meek). It was the first U.S. Number One by a British group. Up to that point, and since World War II, there had only been three British names that topped the U.S. chart: In May of 1962 "Stranger on the Shore" by clarinetist Mr. Acker Bilk; the second was "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" by Laurie London (1958), whilst the first was "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" by Vera Lynn (1952).

10. Counterintelligence Terrorism Revenge Extortion


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