Europe Quiz 2

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1. Which European town gave its name to a treaty that symbolises closer economic links between European countries?

2. Founded in 1908 what is the oldest university in northern Ireland called?

3. In which European country do Sabena airlines hail from?

4. Which country lies to the north of Austria and the south of Poland?

5. On which sea does Croatia stand?

6. How many independent ?Baltic states? are there?

7. In which country was the angel of the north erected in 1998?

8. In which European city is the Atomium?

9. The Simplon tunnel links Italy to which other country?

10. Which home of champagne in France was also where the German high command surrendered in WW2?  


1. Maastricht

2. Queens university

3. Belgium

4. Czech republic

5. Adriatic sea

6. Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania

7. England

8. Brussels

9. Switzerland

10. Reims


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