Capitals Quiz 1

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The answer to each question is, or contains, the name of a capital city.

1. Which capital city is also a TV detective?

2. In mythology, who ran away with Helen?

3. Who was the empress of India in 1876?

4. Which capital city is a film based on the Arabian nights. It starred sabu?

5. Which capital city is also a detective played by Frank Sinatra in film?

6. Which capital city is also a very hot spice used in the kitchen?

7. Which capital city is also the name of an historical duke?

8. What capital city was the name of his (the answer to no. 7) horse?

9. Who wrote the call of the wild?

10. Composer of the musicals top hat & Annie get your gun?  


1. Columbo

2. Paris

3. Queen Victoria

4. The Thief of Baghdad

5. Tony Rome

6. Cayenne (French Guyana)

7. Wellington

8. Copenhagen

9. Jack London

10. Irving Berlin


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