The Middle East Quiz 1

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1. Isfahan is a major city in which Middle-Eastern country?

2. Which country comprises a group of islands in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

3. What is the middle name for the eastern region of the Mediterranean consisting of the coastal regions of Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey?

4. What was the ancient city, carved out of red rock in Jordan that was forgotten by Europeans until the 19th century?

5. In which modern day country would you have found Mesopotamia?

6. What island in the Arabian sea, part of the sultanate of Oman, was formerly used as an air staging post by British forces on their way to and from the far east?

7. Which river flows from the Lebanon through Syria and Turkey to the Med and is used mainly for irrigation?

8. Which country was suspended from the Arab league for 10 years from 1979?

9. Which city is the capital of the Lebanon?

10. Which river rises on Mount Hermon and flows into the Dead Sea?


1. Iran

2. Bahrain

3. The Levant

4. Petra

5. Iraq

6. Masirah Island

7. Orontes

8. Egypt

9. Beirut

10. River Jordan


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